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  • 9-24-2021 The song "Dogs" from Pink Floyd's Animals album often replays itself in my head when I'm doing mindless stuff, like working on the factory line. In high school, I obsessed over Pink Floyd's music, but I realized I hadn't listened to that full album in many years, so I decided to play it on the drive home. Funny enough, my thoughts and feelings about the album hold almost exactly the same as when I first heard the thing.

    I'm a little curious who exactly the writer of "Dogs" specifically had in mind when he wrote that bitch, 'cus to my millenial ears I can't help but think that the song addresses a classic Baby Boomer - "Back in my day we didn't use credit cards or sign contracts for every little transaction. We'd close the deal on nothing more than a firm handshake and looking the customer dead in the eye!" In fact, the song even mentions the "firm handshake, a certain look in the eye and an easy smile." Still, given the age of the band members, all either late Silents or early Boomers, I'm unconvinced that the writing reflects some sort of deep self-criticism, and probably takes aim at the earlier Silents and Greatest Generation.

    At any rate, the music's not too bad, I'd probably give the album like a 6/10, down from a 7/10 in 2011 simply because I've been exposed to a lot more music.

    While on the kick, I revisited The Wall. In my adult wisdom, I now consider The Wall to be one of the cringiest works of art ever constructed. To be fair, I had low expectations going into it. I interpreted my memories of the lyrics as unmitigated Gamma-male navel-gazing. Now, that little summary perfectly describes the album starting on the second side of Disc A, but I'll admit the first few songs of that disc sound pretty good.

    Overall, though, it's pretty unlistenable. The purest distillation of the problem can be found in this quotation:

    "Oh, babe, don't leave me now
    How could you go?
    When you know how I need you
    (Need you, need you, need you, need you, need you, need you)
    To beat to a pulp on a Saturday night

    Oh, babe, don't leave me now

    How can you treat me this way?
    Running away
    Ooh, babe, why are you running away?"

    Hey, at least he made it work for him though, I know he made crazy bank on that tour back in '11-'13. Anyway, I couldn't even make it through the whole album, it sucked too hard. 3/10.

  • 9-23-2021 It's the end of September, and Autumn is beginning to peak its beautiful head in Northwest Arkansas. As you might tell from the decoration on my site, I prefer Autumn above the other three seasons. So much going on, I don't even know where to begin. I'm always tempted to dump my entire brain onto the screen or the page whenever I carve out a little time to write, but I'd be here for the rest of the night, so really this is just a blurb about the Autumn. I'm almost certainly going to have to pay an hefty admission fee in the form of seasonal allergies, but for this particular transition I'm more than willing to pay up. The best months of an already decent year lie ahead! What a time to be alive.

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  • 5-21-2021 - Added some links in the Music page.

  • 5-2-2021 - Added a link to the Music page in the navbar.

  • 4-21-2021 - Added a background animation to the index page. Some users may experience performance issues. I'd like to change the animation to be in the original colors of the pngs used, but for now I just want to test the speed out on some other devices.

  • 4-20-2021 - Got rid of double column display on the front page. Added some stuff to the navbar, most especially an e-mail me button. Hopefully I don't get spammed!

  • 4-17-2021 - Uploaded Snow Crash review on the Book Review page. Check it out!

  • 4-4-2021 - Made several small changes to the site. Added Book Reviews pages, where I will be uploading my review of Snow Crash in the coming days. Just to put some content up there, I copy and pasted my review of The Irrational Atheist to the page from my wordpress blog, which I'll probably end up closing.

  • 3-21-2021 - Made some further changes to the CSS to make this more responsive for smaller screens. No navigation yet, and images don't necessarily size properly, but at least most horizontal scrolling is gone. Adding some links to the resources page as well.

  • 3-21-2021 - Implemented navigation bar. Added 2 links to resources page. Made CSS changes to divs used on this site. Updated header information across the site.

  • 3-21-2021 - Began making some changes to the site layout, something a little nicer than the list of links I had earlier. It's a work in progress, so the site should look ugly for a while.